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Why Social Media Marketing?

SMM has over 30 years online - and offline - marketing & branding experience.

This is you...

  • You know how to run your business and have some great reviews or testimonials for your products or services.
  • You will probably be posting occasionally to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • You may already have a few hundred - or even a thousand - followers on one or more accounts.
  • You will probably be wondering how to convert these to sales or find new followers.

This is SMM...

  • We know how to target social media users - by demographics, location and interests.
  • We know how to funnel a customer from Awareness to Interest to Sale.
  • We know how to market your product or service.
  • We know what posts are the most popular on Instagram.
  • We even know what colour works best to catch someone's eye on Facebook!

Why advertise on Social Media?

55 million UK adults use Social Media every day 83%

19 million of Instagram's UK users follow a Business 80%

40 million UK adults are on Facebook 78%

95% of online adults aged 18-34 follow a Business 95%

On average, 83% of your Customers are on Social Media 83%

Easy way to beat your competition, if they're not advertising 100%

Helps build brand recognition, trust & loyalty 100%

Allows you to target & retarget ideal customers 100%

Marketing through social media is cost effective 100%

Improves your search engine ranking 100%

why choose SMM?

Why Social Media Marketing

Original Content

We don't re-use content for different clients. You are unique.

Customised Pricing

We work to your marketing requirements & budget.

Photos & Video

We offer in-house photography & video creation.

Account Set Up

We can help with set up - or improving - of social media accounts.

SEO/Landing Pages

We can add landing pages or help improve your SEO.

Monthly Reporting

You will get monthly reports, compared against agreed targets.

Social Media Marketing in Shepperton

SMM pride ourselves in providing the best quality service to clients wishing to find more customers and increase online engagement, targeting potential customers in and around Shepperton.

We offer services to help you increase business and achieve more engagement with your website, brand and business. This also can help your Google rankings.

SMM connect clients with their customers through a variety of different social media channels. 55 million UK adults use social media every day[cite] and its important for our clients that you target the clients you want - which can be UK-wide or limited to those in and around Shepperton.

Social media marketing is the fastest-growth area of advertising with platforms and apps being created every week. Social media isn't just a great way to find new customers - it's also useful to engage with your current and new customers in Shepperton.

We can create original content designed for your business, set up new accounts on other social media platforms, configure new or existing accounts so they work as they should, take photos and videos of your business and/or products and report all this to you on a monthly basis, so you can see whether we're on-target with our agreed KPIs.

Social Media Marketing in Shepperton

Does Social Media Advertising Work?

Yes! You just need to look at how many tens of millions were spent in the General Election by political parties to see how important it is.

Gone are billboards and printed advertising - promoting your brand, service or product range is all about social media today.

But there's no point wasting your money by targeting everyone in the UK. Ads wouldn't be shown much and the cost of the advert would be high. You need to target the right demographics, gender, location and interests specific to what you sell. And the adverts need to engage with people enough for them to click a button.

SMM know not only when people are online, but we also know all the other social media advertising tricks, like what colour will make them engage more!

If you're not sure who your target market is, then we can help with that. SMM has vast experience in marketing, social media and websites, so we can offer you a complete solution, or just some advice.

Want to keep it in-house?

No problem! SMM can also train your staff in and around Shepperton on where your business is with social media, what you need to aim for and how to get there.

Advert Creation

Obviously you need a strong and suitable advert and videos get far more engagement than photos - 12 times as much! SMM specialise in creating video content for social media advertising. See our Videos page for some more examples.

A few social media facts for you[cite]:

  • 87% of onlne marketers already use video - so if you don't then you need to start... now!
  • Over half of video content is viewed on mobiles
  • 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others
  • 51% of marketing professionals name video as the type of content with the best ROI
  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users
  • 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos
  • Video generates 12 times more shares than text and images combined
  • Videos up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement
  • 85% of videos are watched without sound
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text

This is not to say that images don't have a place in advertising, as video creation does take longer. It's knowing the right mix and what gets results.

Our designers at SMM are able to create photo and video content for ad campaigns for clients in Shepperton, which will draw an audience's attention and encourage engagement. SMM will encourage you to run online competitions and keep a blog (which SMM can write), as these work really well with audience engagement and interaction. Social media is supposed to be fun, after all!




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